Zone dating

Think about someone you like: does the thought of touching them somehow seem weird, awkward, or impossible?If so, you totally need to work on becoming more comfortable with casual physical contact.

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You probably think that if you just continue platonically dating this person, one of these days he or she will look at you across the table and suddenly realize that they’re in love with you. In truth, they’re just biding their time with sweet, comfortable you, while thinking of that guy/girl who is still slightly unattainable to them.

If you like someone, give them the option of dating you, or don’t spend too much one-on-one time with them at all.

When you’re first meeting someone, focus on friendliness and allure, instead.

The most surefire way to land yourself permanently in the Friend Zone is to be completely available to the other person, with your emotions and your time.

They’ll be forced to consider you in a romantic light, and if they turn you down, trust me: it’s so much better than being helplessly strung along.

A good way to slowly inch your way out of the Friend Zone is to slowly establish physical familiarity.

Start small – put your hand on their back, rest your head on their shoulder, give them a kiss on the cheek to say hello or goodbye.

It’s not weird for friends to have that level of physical rapport, and once you establish something like this, it’s easy to slowly escalate it to more intense physicality.

But this is exactly how people get stuck in the Friend Zone: they wait too long, and then get to the point where any possible chemistry or attraction has (d)evolved into a comfortable, platonic friendship.

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