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The number 15 is considered in Buddhism as a representation of completeness.

The Hojo, the Founder’s Hall and the Buddha’s Hall were destroyed in 1797 by a fire, and the current Hojo was brought to the temple from Seigen’in, a sub-temple of Ryōanji.

Ryōanji is best known for its Zen rock garden, which is commonly regarded as one of the most notable examples of the karesansui (‘dry landscape’) Zen rock garden.

The Eight Ox Herding Pictures - A Chan/Zen Allegory "Since the ninth century, students of Zen Buddhism have drawn a parallel between the individual path to enlightenment and the story of the herder and his missing ox.

Ryōanji, translated as Peaceful Dragon Temple, is a Zen Temple located in the northwestern part of Kyoto, Japan.

The garden is bounded on the other three sides by a low wall.

Additionally, on its southern and western sides, the walls are topped by a thatched roof.Originally, the site of the temple was an estate of the Fujiwara family during the Heian period.Subsequently, the mountain villa of Lord Tokudaiji was built on the site, and it was this property that was given to Katsumoto.Bridges is nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actor for his performance in the movie and admitted he felt nervous ahead of Sunday's ceremony. Bridges was first nominated for an Oscar in 1971 for his breakthrough film The Last Picture Show, and its director Peter Bogdanovich also joined him at the ceremony.He said: “It's an opportunity to meet people that you admire that you haven't worked with, that you have worked with, it's pretty wild. It's a mixture of emotions.” Star Trek actor Pine said working with Bridges was a “dream come true”. The villa was then converted into a temple by the Zen priest Giten Gensho (at that time the abbot of Myoshinji), who was invited to the villa by Katsumoto.

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