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Provide them with plenty of places to hide, preferably ones that are not too roomy, as they prefer snug fitting places.

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Once acclimated, they will spend more time in the open.

They are most active at night and enjoy burrowing into the substrate.

The mouth of the Yo Yo loach points downward and sports four pair of barbels.

When excited its coloration can fade out, and it is not unusual for it to play dead, much like its cousin the Clown loach.

If you think you are missing one, don't be supervised if you find it hiding in the gravel. They'll eat almost anything they are offered, from flake to frozen to freeze-dried foods.

A few sinking pellets fed just before turning the lights out will quickly be devoured.

They are peculiarly fond of live foods and will gorge themselves on bloodworms and brine shrimp.

They also will consume any snails they find in the tank, sucking them right out of their shells.

Perform frequent water changes and keep the lighting subdued. Do not keep them with large or aggressive tankmates.

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