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We are now building the biggest database of single, fun-loving nigerians...you have to do now is send us a message with your basic info... Valentines day is fast approaching and preparations are in full gear..please send us your email addresses .(inbox [email protected] Are u ready to meet that special somebody..no further....I thought this odd since that would be extremely expensive and a difficult way to raise a child. He had somewhat of an English accent mixed with something else…the connections were always bad and he was difficult to understand. He wanted my i Pod filled with all my favorite music or a digital camera so he could share his experiences with me (he can afford tutors but not a digital camera??? He gave me the hotel “address” to send the package too. He kept asking me what I had sent and I said it was a surprise–surprise sucker, nothing of value here. I started surfing the net and read about all the scams. He said he talked the reserve workers into staying quiet about this while he “contacted someone in China to request a medication that would make them better.” At this point, it was a huge joke but I kept up my side to see where it went. Couldn’t pay his hotel bills, food, transportation…what a mess. The address he gave didn’t match the address on the internet and it wasn’t in the right area of Nigeria. So I wrote a sweet letter saying I was so worried for him that I asked to borrow the money from a family member and wanted to get it to him as soon as possible. He wrote back and ask for 00 to be wired via Western Union (sound familar? I claimed I was worried about that (gee no banks but we have Western Union hmmm)and would feel more comfortable sending the money directly to the hotel– what was that address and phone number? He “couldn’t find it and would have to give it to me later.” I insisted that I needed it to properly send the package. Then connection was lost again and I couldn’t finish my conversation. Says he has three dogs and a place in Tampa Florida.

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We went through the e Harmony process and eventually started open communication on our own. I live on a farm and know a lot about animal health, plus I am scientist currently working in the health care industry. He was a very sweet guy…sent some nice pictures of himself and his son, said all the right things, wrote a lot–he played his part well. He did make it more realistic by having a child talking and laughing in the background during one of his calls (his “son”). I waited for the “big emergency” to come up that would lead him to ask me for money. I’ll bet he has 10 other women going on this same story as we speak! Basinas Age: 41 birth date 08/12/67 Son: Milo birth date 08/10/2000 Cell Phone: 234-803-347-4079 London Address: 136 Gilbourne Road Plumstead, London SE18 7NX Nigerian PO Box 3537 Apapa, Lago Nigeria Nigerian Hotel: White Leaf Hotel & Suites 14 Devon Drive Ikeja, Engu Lagos Nigeria (this isn’t the hotel address) Email address: [email protected] Union site: Enugu Nigeria Other Info: I have pictures too of some good looking man with a cute kid.

We communicated through email, yahoo messenger, and later by phone. I was skeptical though for the following reasons: he began most of his correspondence when he was “out of the country on assignments”. I asked about his son and school and he said that he hired tutors wherever he went to educate his child during these trips because he couldn’t stand to be without him. I wasn’t entirely convinced he was real but it he had me going to an extent. He asked me to send him something personal so he “could feel closer to me”. It contained a little gift I had made (nothing of value) and a handwritten letter. I hoped it wasn’t true but I knew it was going to happen. He claimed to have made medical mistake administering the vaccine to the rare birds. I asked him the specifics and sadly he didn’t know enough to answer my questions correctly. He claimed about 150 birds became ill because of his error and he was panicked because his career was at stake. He saved his career and reputation but he was in trouble. I told him at first I couldn’t pay but later decided I wanted to get as much info as I could from him so I could post it on every web site I could find. Says he was educated at Yorke (should be spelled York) University, England.

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I just wanted to share my e Harmony experience with the world so that unsuspecting single women can be alert to this kind of dating scam. It didn’t work on me but I don’t want anyone to fall for it. I was a member of e Harmony and was matched to a nice man with similar interests, etc. This man claimed to be a vet who worked as an independent contractor for the World Animal Health Organisation. He said he was Greek but went to college in England.

I will post an update if he gets back to me with any more info. I was duped to an extent but don’t feel bad because I didn’t fall for it or lose any money. The only thing I lost was a little time and energy.

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