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“We really had to try, not try hard, but decide what we wanted.

We had to make a conscious decision: I really like you, I really fancy you, and that makes it more positive.” Day said he’s been hearing relationship advice for years, “but meeting someone that defied all of that ,you realise you should ignore all that stuff, and we’re proof that’s working out”. If you love each other, it’s quite obvious, there’s no point trying to hide it.” One of the biggest pressures a healthy relationship can face is the birth of a baby.

The mantra that “life is too short” has coloured her communication since then, saying that you have to step back from small arguments unless there’s a very valid point for having them.

I’m not victim, and neither are you.” Watch below; the scene with Fisher begins around the mark.

Carrie fisher – great wit – great friend / one of the brightest lights has gone out .

My younger brother is older than Jon, and for me I was always like ‘there is no way I’d go out with someone my brothers’ age’.

But I met Jon and it was like ‘it’s fine’.” For Day, the distance aspect of the start of their relationship acted as a catalyst for them to make more of an effort.

“I wanted to fancy somebody, somebody who made me happy and I found someone to buzz along with, someone to go to a festival with, chill out with, sit on the couch with and have loads a fun with.” It’s a common experience for a new relationship to move quickly when previous ones don’t work out, Day says. if you don’t feel that magic and it feels like work, get out of it.” In the beginning, their relationship defied conventions, being long distance, and with a small age gap.

“It took me a while to figure out what I didn’t want in a relationship . “I’m a bit older than Jon,” Tuite says, “almost five years.” After a few dates – “nice guys but not for me” – she gave it a break and returned to it six months later and matched with Niall Fortune, from Cavan.“Instead of going on a one-on-one date, we were both going to Longitude [festival] so we said we’d meet at that.“I’m very vocal about my husband, he was a massive part of my life; my little one’s dad. My current boyfriend, from the moment I met him, I said to him how vocal I was of Geoff and how there were pictures everywhere.It’s an Irish thing: people die, you move on and not talk about it. There are no pictures of Lily and Geoff together, but he did exist and he is her dad.” Hingston says she’s an open person, but her husband’s death made her more “black and white, which you have to be when you watch a 37-year-old husband stop breathing and dying in front of you”, and her tolerance for sweating the small stuff evaporated.It’s much harder than I thought because the big issue for me is that our relationship has always been very equal from day one; financially we contribute equally and in terms of domestically we contribute equally.

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