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My second reaction was to get him on the GK Shares Game podcast, and we […] d R and I return for this episode of the Justice League Podcast, in which we tackle two more hot topics: whether a guy’s looks really matter with women, and the issue of technique vs. Among the nuggets of wisdom we offer: my fool-proof way to land hot women no matter […] I just finished up a fun two-part podcast with my fellow initialed Charisma Arts instructor, d R of Los Angeles.

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I was with a student at a bar in the Mission recently, and over our shoulders stood a party of perhaps eight people — guys […] You can put away your No. Now that Rob’s given you his answers to my woman test, I’m going to offer my own: Question 1: The girl in the park. You definitely don’t want to keep letting her do what she’s doing, and while there is a time to get tough […] Before I impart my answers from my post about how women test men, I’m going to give you a special treat.

It’s a bonus lecture from my favorite guest professor, Rob Overman, about how he would handle those tests.

So when I first started trying to figure women out in my mid-20s, I wasn’t happy to learn that I was […] I feel like a tease about this, after the impressive response you gave when Rob and I mentioned the e-book on logistics he had written during our Charisma Arts days.

We wanted to share it with you, but it turns out the book was lost to the ether of Rob’s computer. But I will see if […] This had happened to me before, but only rarely.

I’m old enough to remember a time when online dating was this new, semi-taboo novelty.

It was seen as a bastion for awkward singles who couldn’t find a date in person.

Eminem is trying to come back right now, but I’m not sure we want him.

As for my old […] Harry, our instructor from across the pond in England, recently got out of an exclusive relationship, and I have a hunch that men all over Europe are locking up their girlfriends in response.

” I know, I know, but I can make at least one November post before I leave.

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