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So one time, I turned down a nice girl based solely on the fact that she was Asian.

She was a pretty good catch on paper, but I think being Asian was the dealbreaker.

The far away rumble of the clouds and the gaping puddles and the swishy-squashy muddy water and the gush of winds and bouts of drizzling romance-Monsoons,even through its dampness rewards us with clouds with glittering silver linings.

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I am heavily obsessed with GOT and my personality and room just shows off all the time.

At Hobbygiri, we have collated some of the top Game of Thrones merchandise that is available at market today.

She is the “Superwoman” of You Tube, making everyone laugh with her hilarious videos.

Lilly Singh like her You Tube persona is all about smiles, hope and one love.

Ami is leading flair bartender from India who has won awards at national & International competitions for flair bartending.

Continue Reading In this competitive world where all it has turned into is a rat-race and people are ready to slash each other’s throat at and for petty little things, it is very necessary to have an intellectual mindset and a variety of talents/skills to stand out in the crowd.

With each passing day she was getting pulled deeper into depression but one day suddenly a switch flicked inside her and she decided to fight back.

Continue Reading If you are like me, whose life revolves around internet then I’m pretty sure you must have come across Indian Jam Project videos.

Reading is one good habit that has a myriad of benefits, which lets you develop internally, while also giving you so many things inadvertently which can let you have that extra edge you require to survive in this world.

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