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Furthermore, thanks to Geoff Johns we really didn't even get to enjoy it because he spoiled it for us from jump street!

Yes Johns we already "knew" it would end but let us have our ignorance of what's really happening instead of basically telling us, "this is ending soon so enjoy it while you can".

The first, and most important thing I should mention, is that this has been a terribly poorly written relationship.

If this were any couple that wasn't A-list, no one would care because their relationship is totally uninteresting.

And as far as superman goes, Greg Pak wrote an amazing romance between Clark and Lana Lang, who has never been more interesting than she is now, that was also fun, organic, sincere, nuanced, cute and, most importantly, interesting because of the character action and not the characters names.

There we would have had the expansion of Orion and the new gods and we would have had Superman's mythos growing in new, largely unexplored territory.

As Superman and Wonder Woman’s shock the world with their first, passionate kiss, and DC Entertainment bring you insight into the new (super) power couples’ relationship. Helen Fisher sheds light on the match-up based on the super heroes’ personality types, while over 1,000 singles divulge on what makes for the perfect first kiss.

Analysis: “Superman and Wonder Woman: Are They A (Super) Power Couple? None of it has actually been noteworthy thus far, hell I actually enjoyed the relationship in Because it is.I mean these two great heroes, which both have a whole family with them to support them came together because they were lonely! It was a dream come true for meas I'd wanted them together--really since I first saw them as a kid.But now I truly believe it is actually hurting the DC universe and I'll explain why I think this. So feel free to disagree but let's keep this civil.Romance is all about nuance and this relationship has had anything but nuance.

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