Who is usher dating july 2016

Usher, who is a fan of many different types of music, also said that he finds the state of the Canadian music scene today interesting.

"You know, you have a lot of different types of music going around, like you've got Bran Van 3000 doing what they do, and people like Sum 41 doing what they do and all different types of bands doing different types of music so, I think it's really healthy," said Usher.

If you’re ready for a road trip, Usher, currently has 2 gigs booked in cities like Los Angeles (United States), Vancouver (Canada).

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The band and I are planning another album, but it is too early to tell what it will be," said Usher.

Usher's first solo CD carries with it a whole new spectrum of songs for Usher.

I like this record a lot but time will tell," said Usher in a telephone interview from Toronto on July 11.

Usher, a Kingston native, played Friday night at the Waterfront Festival in Victoria Park with a new band he collaborated with on .

With Usher's other band Moist on hiatus for the time being, he is taking time to really promote his most recent work and concentrate on getting it out there to the public.

"I am basically focusing on this record until I am done touring.Usher will be spending the next while touring and promoting his new release which he says he can't wait to do."It's a pretty strange time when you are releasing a record, it's a whole different thing, but I'm not taking it all too seriously," he said.The last time Usher played a show in United Kingdom was 2015, in London.Overall, Usher have played a total of 29 gigs in the country.Find Usher upcoming events in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October November, December..

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