Who is tegan and sara dating

We're willing to bet there are more than a few of you who would be willing to show these Dinah virgins the ropes.

Though we should probably note that you'll need to be ready to do so with each sister's partner in tow.

But they still had the L and T earrings on so I think they were still together.

Who is tegan and sara dating

"We try to keep that fine line between, obviously, a desire from our audience to know as much as they possibly can about us," explains Tegan, noting that both she and Sara have been relatively public about their relationship statuses.

"But I think that our music is where we try to rely on sharing who we are and what we're doing.

Emy and Sara were married and broke it off after 5 years, it's not unheard of.

Some people realize it's working only after they're deep in the shit.

How do you have a month off but not spend time with your girlfriend of 5 1/2 years?

This may sound bad, but a tegan has actually said she'll stay with someone sometimes until she finds someone else that she wants to date more. if this is true and their fans find out, shit will go down.

I'm sure their separation was a lot easier than when their mom and biological dad got divorced, too.

So maybe she draws from those experiences when she says she doesn't want to get married.

Yes, maybe LB and Tegan are not longer toghether, but they can still being friends, i mean, Emy still works for them, and the relationship with Sara was finished like 6 years ago.

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