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She's a progressive woman, so what is it that moves her? Yes, I think she definitely is somewhat maternal, and you're going to see that in the next episode.

The concern is that we live in an age of the internet, and anything you do is forever out there, and I have to always feel comfortable that when my child comes to me at some point and says, "Why did you do this? Those reasons are very clear to me, and I'm very comfortable with this job.

I think those are the things you have to consider these days. I don't think the scenes I've done are gratuitous.

He's going to become something important in her life, too; he may be more than she bargained for.

Will Helene meet the rest of the Gallaghers and get involved in those aspects of Lip's life?

Whether it's sex or some kind of emotional connection, that's what makes it appealing to me. Jeremy said that she's kind of like a girlfriend and a mother.

We were shooting a scene that was basically like the morning after, and he said, "This is so weird.There were conversations about sexual positions or whatever that I might not be comfortable doing, but as far as when we were shooting, it wasn't really an issue; everything they wrote was pretty much what they had said it would be, and I think then the real issue becomes how they're actually filming your body.I worked with the Wells team before, and they're classy people.She's a very progressive woman, and she definitely has specific tastes. But I think what was most interesting is that she's this woman who's in full control of her body and her mind, and she knows what she wants.It was interesting to play somebody really that mature because even on, our characters stay kind of youthful; they're not married, and they don't have kids.Sexuality doesn't bother me as much as violence does; sexuality and the human body, I feel is like, "Go for it." And I do feel that for the character, when you see her episodes this season, you'll say, "I think the nudity that was there was meant to be there." It wasn't all that she was about.

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