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Initially considered a suspect, Emily is eventually cleared and embarks on a new career in modeling.

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is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

She is the biological daughter of the late, Hank Bowen and his wife, the late, Paige Bowen and the adoptive daughter of the deceased, William and Nancy Shaw.

I know that this is a group of people I love to work with, that it's a job I know I love.

Second to that, I thought this would be challenging because it's a new character.

Later, when she goes to tell Lucky, she get accidentally run over by Nikolas.

She later decides not to tell Lucky when she hears the story of how Nikolas, Emily, Elizabeth, and Lucky all became friends.On December 21, 2009, she announces that she's leaving town to go to Paris to study, originally offered by Monica Quartermaine, Emily's adoptive mother.After she boards the plane, she meets Aaron, who resembles Emily's dead ex-husband, Zander Smith.He is prosecuted for blackmailing Emily, but due to lack of evidence cannot be prosecuted for raping Elizabeth.In June 1999, Emily met Juan Santiago, a teenage immigrant from Puerto Rico.Through adoption she gained four siblings, Dawn Winthrop, Skye Quartermaine, A. Pierce sues Monica for sexual harassment, and Emily's cousin Ned Ashton discovers Emily's addiction.

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