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, NRP Morning Edition, Carson Daly, CNN Money as well as in a very special episode “no Reservation”. He has written two cookbooks that are titled as “Crave” and “Ludo Bites”.His first book titled Crave was released in the year 2005 it categorizes the recipes by sence: see, touch, smell, hear and taste whereas his second book titled Ludo Bites was released in 2012 that contains the tales of career of this rock star of culinary world and full story of his brilliant innovation. My mom used to cook it for me all the time when I was a kid, so it brings back great memories.

I usually stay simple with just cheese, salt and pepper.

His father did that in order to discourage Ludo but he loved it.

We are all different but so much the same when it comes to a passion for food.

[This year] is a special year for me, [as it's] my 20th anniversary of being in the U. It is funny because I have kind of fallen into a group of the "new generation" of chefs, but I am really the old generation.

Since this is GQ: What's the one technique every man should master in the kitchen? You may get it wrong 100 times, but once you master the "technique" you will be able to impress someone in the morning, feed your family a great brunch, or maybe woo someone at the end of the evening...

It is also very flexible and you can add whatever meat, cheese or spices you want, depending on your audience.

Apart from that, he is now at the age of 43 and he had described his food as French with International flavor.

He used more than 200 spices and believes that his most unusual technique is making the crème chantilly with the fats other than cream. Ludo’s favorite cook book is titled as Le Pyramide Cookbook which was written by Fernand Point.

Negative character traits could be: Impatience, Impetuousness, Foolhardiness, Selfishness and Jealousy.

Many people enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. Supposedly, 2017 has been a busy year for Ludo Lefebvre.

He then finally stopped with Guy Martin at the Le Grand Vefour from whom he stated that he learned business side of food serving industry.

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