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It seems like a lot of the guys who thought she was hot when she was ‘just’ Kanye's boo are now appalled at the idea that she wants to be appreciated for her looks and respected at the same time.”This irony is not lost on Rose.

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Big Boy’s interview is over an hour long—the door occasionally creaks open at opportune times for some of Amber’s best quotes of the day:“If my body was shaped a different way, maybe I wouldn't be slut shamed.” “I ain't supposed to be a role model for shit.” “I deserve love.” Outside of Big Boy’s studio, there are two photos of Amber and her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, who she references as her best friend in the interview, in a collage on the wall of guests from 2013.

There are currently seven videographers and production assistants working with Amber on a forthcoming documentary around the Slut Walk.

But if anyone is going to be understanding that I'm late for her interview because I'm on a walk of (no) shame, it's Amber Rose.

After all, Rose has in recent years acquired the label of the baddest bitch in America and a reluctant role model for sluts (a.k.a.

In 2008, she became Kanye West’s girlfriend and muse.

After their breakup in 2010, she continued to expand her career, jumping into being a successful model, an author (Her memoir/self-help book, , drops later this month) and a B-Movie actress.

And she’s a mother—to her son, Sebastian, with her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa, who courted her shortly after West.

If anyone knows what the burden of slut-shaming is like, it’s Amber Rose.

Within the first six months about 100 other cities were planning events.

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