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Users can rate photos of other users by sending "luv", "wink" and "meet me" notifications.

The chat rooms in which Tagged users participate are categorized by the age and mood of the users involved.

Again, if you disagree you are well within your right to do so.

I only ask that you take the time to examine the hypothetical matter being presented.

We will focus on the belief that dating, when properly engaged, has the power to properly lay the foundation for a long, lasting and successful marriage.

Marriage is a biblical institution and any examination of its existence must be done so in light of its original design.

Yet, marriage in its purest design is – without a doubt – the most selfless of all endeavors.

When dating is examined in the light of a biblical world view, it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Although this treatise is written from a theological perspective that views the God of the Bible as being real and eternal, it recognizes that there will be those that will have views that are diametrically opposed to the views that are laid out here.

If this is the case as for as you are concerned, I only ask that you look at what is presented in the way of reason, with an open mind.

This is not a bid to validate Christianity or authenticate the Bible. What we aspire to do here is to take a brief look at the fallacious institution of dating and acknowledge its polarity to marriage when placed juxtaposed to the true tenets of marriage as a biblical institution.

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