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No, we still do not have the capability to find out whether a statement is true.

Validation is testing to determine whether the user entered into the field.

You ensure this by eliminating any chance that the information collected does not abide by the rules you outline. NET don't know the difference between client-side and server-side validation.

You must understand these two different ways of validating the data users input into a Web form.

A variety of HTML elements, such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists and more, can be used in forms. NET applications are collecting information from a user, you want to ensure that the data that you collect is valid.

Some users are not interested in spending enough time to enter the correct information into a form, and in some cases, users might even intentionally enter false information to gain access or get past a certain step in your application's workflow process.

If, however, when the user clicks the Submit button, a scripting language that is part of the overall HTML page is initiated to check the validity of the data before it is sent to the server, this is client-side validation.

It was a lot easier to understand the difference between these forms of validation when you coded Active Server Pages 3.0 because, as the programmer, you personally performed almost all data validation.

Obviously, this may cause people to leave your site for another.

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