Us sedating violent prisoners

The current prison population is growing at a rate 13 times faster than that of the general population and has exceeded most facility maximums in every state.

In fact, since 1980, the nation's prison population has tripled, and our country now claims more than 1.5 million people behind bars in both state and federal prisons, as well as juvenile halls and youth authority complexes.

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And even more specifically, nearly every inmate in jails across America has used drugs extensively either at some point in the past or during the actual commission of the crime.

The surprise with this matter is that there are no nationally sanctioned drug treatment programs in the prisons themselves, and conversely, it is sometimes easier for inmates to get drugs within prison walls than it is to get food.

The only solution offered by the state and federal prison system is to drug its inmates with psychotropic drugs and other medications.

The hope is that massive sedation will in some miraculous turn produce a reformed citizen. That is, in essence, what the Three Strikes law does, and what most legislators are demanding.

Government and sociological experts continue to argue over the cause of such a frightening rise in the crime rate and resultant prison population, yet neither have offered any truly workable solution beyond stiffer laws and more jails, which by simple observation do nothing to deter crime, and can actually be seen to exacerbate the problem.

It is indeed a vicious cycle: More crime leads to more police which leads to more jails, which cultivates more criminals, leading to more crime, more police, more jails...

It simply does not exist as a hope or purpose anymore.

After too many failures, they have simply given up.

Each day in the United States, more than 31,000 petty and hard-core criminals are released back into their communities.

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