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As in you will download the update through in-game. Make sure you are signed into your 2k account roster updates affect my player mode?

Depends on when u have it updated, but overall yes in a sense like recently the chris paul trade, or the odum trade. but it wont affect anything else in my player if thats what you mean.

The update work is undertaken by a small number of very kind users who do the work in their spare time.

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Edit: Just manually update it if it's not working :) im trying to play my career mode with at least james harden on houston rockets but it seems like kevin martin is on the roster....i downloaded the official 2k roster on 2kshare and uploaded it...still no updated roster....

Entering its fourth season for NBA 2K14 and fifth season since NBA 2K13, the NBA roster updates from the Medevenx series will be returning for the 2016-2017 NBA Season!

Collaborations with other cyberface, jersey, and court developers happen from time to time when necessary.

The download process for Med's NBA Roster is different from FIBA 2K and PBA 2K, so it is recommended that you read the Instructions and FAQ very carefully.

After rosters are installed, your game and controller settings will be reset (you can configure it manually in the game) 2.

You will need to start new career - When creating new career or tourtnament, don't forget to select the "current / actuals rosters in the settings. After installing the patch some players might have the same black & white boots.Did you download after you started your my player or before because if you did it after, it wouldn't update as if you did it before, you would get the roster. You really can't do anything if you updated after because the CPU controls the teams and stuff. This series includes only necessary cyberface, jersey, and court additions and does not necessarily update or replace your current cyberfaces or jerseys.These updates are not organized by a modding team, but are made mainly by me, collaborating with other modders from time-to-time. , jampasir, Seushiro have stuck with me for some time now and are considered long-time contributors to the mod.Thanks for giving back to the community and thanks for making a difference!

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