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Duran told New Mexico legislators considering a Voter ID law that an investigation had flagged 117 people who weren't citizens, many of whom had voted, The work Duran's office is doing now typically happens in odd years, Spaulding said.

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confusion."For some voters, a card in the mail this close to the election may feel like a potentially nefarious plot or, for others, a helpful reminder to update their registration and to vote in November, said Ryan Enos, an Harvard University political psychologist who studies voter behavior, turnout and racial politics.

"If you send out a postcard and say, 'Return this postcard with your current address,' some people are more likely to get that and read it and follow up," said Enos.

Duran has been in office since January 2011 and started work with the Justice Department on the postcard project that year.

She also launched a hunt for suspected non-citizens on the voter rolls.

"Those people are more likely to be white Republicans."While the reasons for this phenomenon aren't exactly clear, it may be related to people's tradition of experiences with institutions and authority, Enos said.

Public health workers have documented a similar phenomenon.

The referenced states may need that information to process your application.

If you have any questions about any fields, just point your curser at the question mark beside each field.

Less than six weeks before the presidential election, just over 60,000 cards remain in the wind.

Failure to return the postcard will not disqualify anyone from voting in this November's election; but after the November 2014 election, Duran will ask county officials to remove any voter who hasn't returned the postcard or has not voted in any of the previous three elections.

"Or it looks like I'm not eligible to vote."Across the country, election administrators in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Colorado and other states are working to disqualify voters they say are ineligible or dead.

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