Updating mirrored sliding closet doors stop itunes from not updating podcasts

Our safe, higher-than-industry-standard tempered-glass doors ensure they won’t come off their tracks or shatter thanks to our patented Wheel-to-Track locking mechanism.If you decide you no longer want the mirrored look then we have all kinds of different frame designs, frame finishes, and glass types to choose from including frosted, clear, smoked, linen, laminated, black, and much more.

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Let's start with the before pics: We bought pieces of pine trim and cut it down to size for trim on the closet doors.

We glued the trim on with Titebond and used clamps to hold the wood until it was dry.

Apply the self-adhering strips to the perimeter of the mirror door. Use a framing square to ensure tight 90 degree angles where your veneer meets.

Mirrored closet doors are often a design challenge when updating your room.

I had a reader ask about updating her old closet doors….

There are many things you could do to either update the door or just take them off completely and find a budget friendly replacement.You can also choose from many different mirrored panel designs within your door, from a three-panel design, to a continental T style.Schedule your in-store consultation now with our easy online appointment request form. See more images of our sliding mirrored closet doors.Although it may seem like there is little you can do to update the doors, you can apply a variety of treatments to them to make them work within your overall makeover.One effective option for updating mirrored doors is to apply a grid of frosted window film over the doors.And for a Kid’s room – how about Chalkboard Doors??

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