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I recommend this one highly as well, & it's free for personal use. I know it embeds itself so how can I make sure it's gone. takes too many resourses an as a corporation they care not a whit about the end user.I'm currently researching which AV and Firewall to use next. remove all the files which "hook" themselves into your system/s. MCafee would put you in danger of being sued if you were not happy and decided to post it somewhere on the net. I have had two machines loaded with the latest Norton software, reguarly updated, and both were virtually destroyed by big-time virus attacks.I use Grisoft's AVG free as resident with AVAST as manual verison.

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Hopefully, you weren't scammed by a fake AV seller. Grif I do feel that neither Norton nor Mc Afee should be used at all.

Both take up system resources like there's no tomorrow, & both can be tricky to get rid of should you not like them.

If IBM insist that every employee, worldwide, must use Mc Afee at all times, there has to be a good reason.

I have tried other packages, probably around thirty in all, and I am still useing Mc Afee and will continue to do so for a long time....

It comes with both AV (powered by Trend Micro, long touted as one of the top AV programs) & Net Defense firewall, not to mention the other great utilities included in the suite (I won't mention them here, it's off-topic).

Anyway, reasonable price, never had a virus, automatic updates, never been attacked successfully by hackers, can't say enough good about this product. Now on to my (slight) disagreements with this particular post.My kids browse freely, chat and eamil and I never got a virus on this system. I was tired of Norton's constant hassles so I tried to download Avasti for my internet watchdog.If you can, get a router as well, even for only one computer, it costs the same as an Anti-virus commercial package and adds a layer of proteciton with a physical firewall (not only software like Zone Alarm). I paid the money, downloaded the program but when I tried to download my User License it was provided in a format that was not recognized by Windows XP Professional.Then you'll also want a firewall; Kerio (free version) is better than Zone Alarm (free version).Finally, you'll want an anti-spyware/hacker/malware program, and good choices are: Spyware Blaster, Spybot, Ewido, or Micro Soft Anti Spyware. Plus, if you can find it, you should use BHOCop, or some other BHO (Browser Help Object) maintenance system...these are those IE things that track where you go and pop up pages without your interaction.Thanks a bunch...(I am running Windows ME, if that helps...

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