Updating garmin streetpilot

Looking to update my girlfriend's Street Pilot c330.

It currently has City Navigator NA 2012.30 that was installed on a 2gb SD card. The Garmin site says maps are available for the device but when you go to the order page it has a one line sentence saying that it is not compatible with Street Pilot devices.

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Otherwise, I will return tomorrow around noon your time. The Device Setting window states that if you dont see your device listed below connect it to your computer and turn on. Then the window states that some devices were foundm, however, none have the necessary capabilities.

May need to set the interface option on GPS to Garmin or host.

I know it is an outdated device but she really likes it. The incompatibility is likely because the older devices used a different mapping format which I recall being uncompressed.

The newer models like the nuvi series use Garmin's NT (New Technology) map format which is incompatible with those using the old, non-NT format.

I looked on the c330 model and could not frnd where to set the interface as indicated. Hi John, You may have a conflict - do you have another USB port on your computer you are not using?

If so - power off and disconnect the Garmin and close the Web Update Program if it is running.

Your working 2012.30 map you have is an NT map so I too don't understand why it's incompatible. If all one has to do is create a 2GB or under mapset, I see no reason why the maps wouldn't work. Seeing that error message at the Garmin site caused me to instantly think NT vs non-NT without even taking into consideration the current map used by the OP.

My first thoughts were the map you wanted to download were larger than the 2GB maps your girlfriends Street Pilot could read but that is not the case. If all one has to do is create a 2GB or under mapset, I see no reason why the maps wouldn't work. As we well know it's not the first time Garmin has screwed up with it's specifications.

The Web Updater Program should install the Garmin communicator - if not, then you will need to download it also for the map updates.

Thanks, Rod Hi, You may have a USB driver conflict - meaning when you connected the Garmin to your computer - windows installed a driver that does not work with the program.

I checked on ebay and I see a number of c330s for sale with 2015 maps on sd cards. 24K Mid-Atlantic Garmin site link for more information: https://support.garmin.com/support/search Support/case.faces? If you use a North America lower 49 states only map, I see no reason why it won't work.

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