Updating cape cod house

One of the most recognized and admirable style of home in todays’ housing market, the Cape Cod has steadily adapted to the needs of the modern family, providing generous floor space, an open layout and versatile floor plan situated beyond its modest façade.

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Eventually they realized they would be better off buying an older fixer-upper in a great neighborhood in the town they loved and enduring a gut renovation. With their son, Aiden, then 3 years old, and daughter, Mia, on the way, the Kuryluks knew they weren't taking the easy path.

"I was scared we wouldn't find a house before we sold our old one, especially with a baby coming," Jennifer says.

Although, these homes originated as a New England style home with their ability to provide solid protection against high winds and wet, snowy weather conditions, Cape Cod homes are popular nationwide regardless of regional weather conditions.

Flexible floor plans, conducive to both the traditional and modern layouts, simple construction and functionality have continued to highlight the Cape Cod house design as a good choice for families.

Estimated savings: $750 Moving downstairs with visions of a light-filled open layout, Jeff tackled more demolition, removing one interior wall and a closet in what was a bedroom, plus two walls that hemmed in the dark kitchen, which was filled with dated pine cabinets.

This created a front-to-back living room and an open-plan kitchen/dining/family room configuration.

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Jeff and Jennifer Kuryluk, who were eager to move their growing family from a two-bedroom house in Fairfield, Connecticut, to one with four bedrooms and a little character, did the math over and over.

This allowed them to turn what was crawl space under the eaves into living area and to install 5-foot-tall windows.

By raising the rafters and adding a 102-square-foot bumpout over the passageway to the garage, Jeff gained room for a walk-in master closet. This meant juggling subcontractors' bids and schedules, ordering and inventorying construction materials, visiting the site at least once a day, and staying on top of costs.

At the outset, this primitive house was designed to withstand the infamous stormy and frigid weather associated with the cape of New England and those who settled there.

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