Updating cancels in eq2

These floating damage numbers are called "Combat Bubbles" in EQ2. (Rarely, you might fall unconscious first, but recovery is unlikely.) When you die, your view remains where you died, and you're given a list of revive locations to choose from.

The revive location is a safe spot, but might be far away.

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The attack icons and the ` key act as toggles, so press them a second time to stop attacking.

Note: If you use an aggressive combat art, your auto-attack will also turn on (if it's not already on).

Some monsters have healing capabilities, and those enemies will heal themselves and their allies during battle, although not as aggressively as a player would.

There are four kinds of heals in EQ2, and each healing class specializes in one type more than the other three: EQ2 has the concept of a "Combat Mode", and the gameplay changes slightly while you're in it.

They are represented by the green and blue bars next to your character's name.

Your opponent's health and power are displayed in two places: in your Target Window, and also above their head.

That means no loot, no quest updates, and no experience.

Your enemy won't stop attacking, though - you'll still have to finish the fight or escape from it!

Generally, battles in EQ2 are decided in 30 seconds or so.

You should spend most of that time pressing buttons to perform abilities.

It is not necessary to sit or stand still to regenerate.

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