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To support 1x EV-DO systems, the PRL must be IS-683-C or later. Hybrid systems always attempt to select an IS-95/1x RTT system first, then use the association tag to attempt to select an associated 1x EV-DO system.

Each entry also provides an acquisition table index where the frequencies associated with that system are identified and a roaming indicator that dictates what type of indication should be displayed to the user when they are receiving service from that system.

CDMA phones have no SIM cards like GSM phones.----Questions:1.

I understand that Tracfone/Net10 CDMA phones are tied to a specific carrier (either Sprint or Verizon).

Another possible reason why you may receive errors during some of these updates would be if your phone is identified with an old, out of date phone number.

If it is, you’ll need to erase that number from your phone, and then you'll be able to update it.

Hands free activation, profile and PRL updates are the most common forms of over-the-air update, and all of these updates are initiated from your phone with either a restart or by selecting the appropriate option in the settings menu.

A profile update synchronizes your phone with the network by updating its network access info.

Every time your phone reaches out to the cellular network and downloads information related to your phone’s access to voice, text and data services, you’re completing an over-the-air update.

This information can include your phone number, or be related to the roaming network, the sign in credentials that are needed for you to access the internet, and more.

The PRL indicates which bands, sub bands and service provider identifiers will be scanned and in what priority order.

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