Updating a firmware to format the nokia phone

This Guide will help you to restore/Reset Symbian Phone OS by formatting, which would result in removal of all viruses and reset phones to factory settings.

updating a firmware to format the nokia phone-88

These updates are free, and can usually be downloaded onto the device from the internet.

It's a good idea to regularly update the firmware on your phone, because the updates will fix problems, make the phone run more smoothly, and sometimes add new or updated functions.

Keep Holding all the key until you see a Formatting screen appear on the Screen.

When the screen appears, you can leave the keys and let the format complete until it reaches 100%.

Note: Before Formatting, Backup your SMS, Setting, Contact, and Any important files.

Check our guide on How to backup and restore using PC SUITE.Note: Battery should be fully charged so that it may not run out of power Hard format will format your files and Data in phone memory.Hard Format restores the OS firmware from ROM and installs a fresh copy of OS on your Phone.(no progress bar or completion procedure shown on later versions of S60V2) Few S60 phones uses Red Call End Button Note: Please make sure that your device is fully charged before you proceed with formatting the device.If the battery goes down during this procedure, It may result in an inconsistent state of your device.If you have turned on your Bluetooth on your Nokia mobile phone and forgot to turn off then chances are high that your phone may get infected with virus and the only solution to this is formatting your mobile phone.

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