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It is exactly because of this history that it is hard to comprehend why the United Methodist Church has continued to pass legislation that places limits on clergy in committed same gender relationships.Many clergy throughout the denomination; retired bishops, retired clergy and active clergy are making public declarations of their intent to perform union and marriage ceremonies of same sex couples in those states and the District of Columbia where they are legal.

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Logic, let alone our United Methodist commitment to the ministry of ordained clergy, is torn to shreds when United Methodist clergy are able to bless buildings and animals and homes, etc., but are not allowed to bless the loving commitment of woman to woman and man to man.

The United Methodist Church, as it did on matters of race, is lagging behind governmental actions and the attitudes of persons, particularly young persons, on acceptance and affirmation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and couples.

The United Methodist Church was “born” as a denomination on April 23, 1968 when The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Churches merged to form the new denomination, one of the largest Protestant churches with a membership of 12 million in the USA, Africa, Europe and Asia.

The United Methodist Church will continue to grow as an international denomination, but I will always see it as “America’s Church,” because of its ubiquitous presence throughout the nation.

Both collections of Missouri information (at Central Methodist University Library and the historical MO East collection at the State Historical Society in Columbia, Missouri) were inventoried.

That information is searchable via the web at the General Commission Website.I am now a retired minister, and I frequently compare myself to the “old men who dream dreams” that Joel “speaks” of in the Hebrew Bible.I come from a long line of ministers who have been a part of the United Methodist Church through many changes and transformations.I have failed to understand, why the United Methodist Church, with its history and heritage of affirmation, fairness, and commitment to the God-given human dignity of all persons, has chosen to resist full ministry for same gender couples.Changing policies that prohibit United Methodist clergy from presiding at union or marriage services for same gender couples is an issue that ought to be a “slam dunk” for the United Methodist Church.The denomination has sought to be a blend of the best of what I call a personal and a social gospel.

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