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Touche Eclat is 8 hours of beauty sleep in a click.

My intention is wearing TE without makeup foundation, too ( in summer ).

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I always buy two at a time, because I cannot imagine NOT using this "trick" for my best look. Ive asked what shade I should use when I'm tan but only can get a answer for fair skin with rosy glow, which would be good for me in the winter but not summer. What would be good for us rosy girls, but when were tan?

By eliminating the shadows you can reverse the tired look that often makes one look older than their age. I tan well but always have that rosy glow with my tan.

Touche Eclat is a cult favorite among top makeup artists, models, celebrities and women everywhere.

1 Touche Eclat is sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds.

It emphasizes radiance over coverage and does not mask the skin for a more natural, luminous complexion.

You won’t see Touche Eclat makeup, you’ll see the light.

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