Trend antivirus not updating

Documents can of course contain malware but it's just not the most common vector. Yes we (Trend Micro) are later on supporting Share Point 2013 than we would like.While the Share Point Antivirus API did not change, our product also includes web threat protection, content filtering and DLP for web parts, as well as support for remote BLOB storage and the new shredded storage.However 3rd party vendors in this space have always been extremely slow to implement support for the latest version of Share Point or the host operating system.

Share Point 2013 introduces NO CHANGES to the Share Point Antivirus API (a.k.a Share Point Portal Server Virus Scanning Application Programming Interface (VS API)).

Therefore any product that works with Share Point 2010, in principal, will work with Share Point 2013.

SURPRISE and POWERWARE, for example, encrypt tax return files.

Organizations can lessen the risk of ransomware infections through virtual patching, and investing in multilayered security solutions that leverage file, web, and email reputation.

Spencer, I read this article about 24 hours ago and was disappointed that there was only one option. Now that most of the major vendors have SP AV products, has anyone done an indepth review of them?

And now today, on a whim, I checked back to make sure the link I put in my reference document is functional and you've gone ahead and updated the whole thing. I'm just at the budgeting stage, but don't want to end up with a lemon just because it's cheaper...

New ransomware families we detected exhibited both new propagation and extortion techniques.

JIGSAW deletes encrypted files whenever victims fail to pay the ransom on the given deadline.

These scams rely on deception and simple human error rather than sophisticated malware.

Cybercriminals directly send socially-engineered emails to top-ranking employees in their target organizations.

In only six months, January to June of this year, we saw how cybercriminals were able to ramp up their extortion efforts, using ransomware to target companies including medium to large enterprises.

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