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Place a piece of card under a couple of sheets to give a firmer surface.

If you are trying to do even shading, some sketch papers can be too coarse, giving an uneven texture.

Let edges be defined by two different areas of tonal value meeting. A thick notepad has too much 'give' under the pencil to allow you to apply enough pressure.

Try a basic photocopy/office paper, or check the art store for cheap sketch paper.

Try a hot-pressed Bristol board or similar smooth drawing paper.

Find out more about which paper to use for graphite pencil. Use more convex shaped scumbling - like crescent shapes and scribbly calligraphic marks - to draw the shadows in and around clusters of foliage, and your trees will look much more realistic.

If your value range is restricted to in some cases half what it ought to be, you are limiting the modeling and depth in your drawing. When value drawing, you are creating an illusion with areas of tonal value.

Put a piece of black paper at the corner of your drawing, and don't be afraid to go dark. When you use a hard drawn line to define an edge, you disrupt this illusion. Some cheap papers have a sheen on the surface that is too smooth to grab the particles off the pencil.

Have the person turning slightly to one side so you can model their face, with natural lighting to give good skin tones, and a natural expression to show their real personality.

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