The importance of updating group rosters

Especially small enterprises are itching to see everybody in everyone's roster. The feature to see all users in everybody's roster has been discussed on: As of version 1.0.0, ejabberd allows the administrator to add all users on a virtual host to a shared roster group. then adding @[email protected] to a shared roster group will do nothing. Important: note that boy and boby will not see presence from the other people. An application of this enormity *should* have a simple way of just listing all the connected users who are currently online, just like ./ejabberdctl connected_users gives.When he creates a shared roster group on a virtual host, and specifies the members, he can put @[email protected], and ejabberd will add all users on the current virtual host. They will be on the roster, but always offline because the other people don't have boy and boby in their rosters, and don't share presence with them. The external auth script does not provide the list of registered accounts.Hello, We have added some improvements to shared roster in 1.1.2.

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Is it possible make shared roster without authorization ?

When I logon to incorporate jabber server, I see all registered accounts, but I need manually authorize everyone. Thanks, paix Hmmm I use svn version this @[email protected] feature a few weeks.

For now, you can pick up the new rosters at the links below: NBA Live 08: Full Package | Roster Only | Support Thread NBA Live 07: Full Package | Roster Only | Support Thread NBA Live 06: Full Package | Roster Only | Support Thread NBA Live 2005: Full Package | Roster Only | Support Thread I’ll need to repack the 06 update as it’s missing Mike Krzyzewski’s face.

For now, simply download this pack and extract the files to your sgsm folder.

As well, you won't have issues with your changes getting overwritten.

The ability to add all registered users to everyone's roster is one of the most requested features for ejabberd.Maybe someone here at SO works with Xiff/Openfire and has a clue about this: We are using an external database for users and groups, on Openfire 3.6.4 through Xiff 3.0 beta with our own client.When a user is added on our database, the roster doesn't get updated. "User2" is added to the database to the same shared group, so I should see him in my roster.The JID shows up, but the presence is not authorized and does not look right.If I right click my roster, I am able to add a room (pidgin) and I want this to be a part of the shared roster for everyone, just like all the user JID's.A better approach would be to use roster protocol (see RFC 3921, section 7) to modify the roster, perhaps by writing a component for Open Fire.

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