The happier abroad guide to international and global dating

The most important yet most difficult thing to do is driving traffic to your website.

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And back in 2002, not much of anybody was preaching to go overseas for a better and fulfilling life like I was. One way is to take an existing idea and make it better than the competitors.

You have to do something the competitors haven’t quite done yet or just be better than them.

I’m a deep thinker, a free thinker, and a truth seeker. It was very hard for me to meet girls, and even when I did, they would usually blow me off – say that I’m not their type, tell me they had a boyfriend, or say that they only like me as a friend, etc.

I reached a point where I didn’t want to waste any more years of my life being alone – I wanted romance, love, or at least a fun dating life.

Over the years I had built up a regular email list of people who were interested in my stories about Russia, so once I finally built my own website and forum, Happier, people on that mailing list served as the initial traffic to my new website.

I don’t have any special web design skills, so I think what really drove people to my website was my interesting stories, as I have a passion for writing.I spent about seven months living there in Shenzhen.I’ve been all over China, but I’ve yet to see any of Guangdong, the province Shenzhen is in.Read the full interview below to learn more about who Winston Wu really is, and why he left America more or less permanently to live a life “happier abroad.” (Ness in bold font and Winston in regular font): I don’t think you need much of an introduction, as we all probably already know who you are, but could you let us know your age and what kind of person you consider yourself to be? I’m kind of a philosophical type, so I like to think deep.I don’t just stick to practical issues like most people would. At what age did the idea of moving abroad to seek greener pastures first come to your mind? I first thought of the idea in my late 20s, largely due to my frustrations with the dating scene in America.I’ve visited family back in Taiwan for months at a time my whole life, but I lived in Taiwan in the early 90s as a teenager for one year, as a result of my toxic high school life back in the United States.

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