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If a client needed ,000 a month to live when they retired at age 62 in 1981.

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It can then be re-invested at the new institution from the cash form it transfered in from, in any way and at any time you choose at that point.

This is commonly done using money market accts to contain the cash.

Need to be Sold to "Cash", the "Cash" can then be transferred to Schwab, then you can buy other Mutual Funds once its in your Schwab IRA. As a practical matter this is 100% normal and WILL NOT result in any tax consequences to your normal income. Apparently there is an electronic mechanism to transfer normal investment accounts so that stocks do not have to be sold, but there is no equivalent electronic mechanism to transfer (or roll over) a 401k or an IRA. But as other posters said - there is no tax implication to you because of that. When rolling a retirement plan from one institution to another, the money has to transfer in the form of cash.

This means shares of securities have to be liquidated into a dollar amount, (which is a universal asset class easily transferable between institutions) then transfered to a "shell" acct at the new institution.

The average life expectancy for males is 84, and 86 for females. In retirement, inflation reduces the purchasing power of income as goods and services increase in price, impeding the client’s ability to maintain the desired standard of living.

How are you going to help him make his money last an additional 10 years?

As long as everything transfers through accts held under the retirement plan, you will incur no penalties.

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Click below to view the risks associated with retirement income planning organized into six different categories. This complicates planning since a retiree has to secure an adequate stream of income for an unpredictable length of time. SOLUTIONS: In retirement, salary adjustments don't account for inflation and purchasing power is reduced making it difficult to maintain a standard of living.

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