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Вечеринки знакомств и быстрых свиданий "заточены" под то, чтобы гостям было удобно и приятно общаться.Writing this story about dating I realised how much of our lives revolve around being online, I mean for many singles the first interactions they have with a potential partner is through an online service, there are emails, that turn into instant messages, that move to SMS.I know in my general day to day dealings I’ll generally tackle an issue by email or some form of electronic means, most of generation x & y would use an actual phone call as a distant second choice, but online doesn’t require me to have to real-time interact, I can pre-think what I want to say..

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Now, there are obviously a number of different service providers out there, so how do you choose one?

Besides doing a Google search for speed dating (which lets face it, probably not a bad start) how else can you find a good speed dating company?

Правила "быстрого свидания" просты - дамы сидят за столиками, кавалеры напротив них меняются каждые пять минут. Чем-то напоминает общение в метро, если с кем-то случайно пересечешься глазами", - рассказал РИА Новости участник вечеринки Борис Малыш.

Времени на знакомство крайне мало: надо успеть и себя показать, и потенциального партнера оценить.

I guess in the past there has been some stigma to online dating and dating events, but for the most part I’d say as a society we’re well beyond that – in fact the majority of my single friends engage in some sort of dating assistance – be it a match making services, online or speed dating.

So, back to the issues I see with online versus offline.

the person who was intended to receive that message clearly had a more advanced relationship with the girl than I. We’ll there’s the pub, nightclub and friends parties, but if you’re lucky you’ll blow a hundred bucks and maybe meet 1 interesting person and get 1 number.

When you lay it out like that speed dating makes sense.

I just assumed the girl of my dreams on the other end was chatting to 30 other wannabes, so she was jumping between chats…

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