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ARTISTS Aden Air Miami Andrew Beaujon Ascension Autoclave The Ballet Barbara Manning Bastro Bells Of Blast Off Country Style Bloody Amateur Bloodthirsty Butchers Borthwick / holl And Bossanova Bratmobile Bridget / Kathi / Doug Butch Willis Cath Carroll Tha Cheeky Bastid Circus Lupus Clarence Cobalt Containe Coral Cotton Candy Courtney Love Crispy Ambulance Currituck Co. Draw the Kitten DUSTdevils DVS Eggs Fang Wizard The Feminine Complex Flin Flon Flowers of Discipline Flying Saucer The Fontaine Toups / TFT Fred & Ginger Gamma Rays Gastr del Sol The Gollipopps Grenadine Helter Skillet holl And horse ing TWO=HIT Hot Pursuit In Camera In Interview Jeff Zitofsky John Lindaman Jonny Cohen / Love Machine Juliet Swango Jungle George & The Plague Justin Chearno K-Stars Kevin Hewick The Krokodiloes The Last Wave Latin Hustle The Long Goodbye Los Marauders Loudest Boom Bah Yea Lu Luna Mark Robinson Maybe It's Reno Mirah & Ginger MMM's Live Archive Naomi Wolff The Naysayer Nethers New Carrollton No Trend Olympic Death Squad The Pacific Ocean Panax Phil Krauth /- Pocket Rockets The Positions The Project Que Verde Rhonda Harris Rive Gauche Robert Schipul Robert Zitofsky Romania The Rondelles The Ropers Scaley Andrew The Screamer S. I was born in Kansas and most of my family lives here.

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But Kras (Bob Krasnow, former head of Elektra) wanted a Sub Pop band and having saved that label from extinction in 1985 by infusing cash from my then employer Caroline (early attempt by Branson at a Virgin USA) I was able to pull that off.

They were going broke putting out Catbutt and Bloodsport records. And it did turn out to be a hugh mistake not dealing with an act that you truly loved.

You know, the Whigs were the only band that I ever signed that I never was totally in love with.

Eventually I became good friends with Rick Mccollum.

I supplied Yvonne Garret with the unflattering photos of him and she wrote it and put it out.

Terry Tolkin was the Vice President of A&R at Elektra Records from 1992 to 1996.

The all-star line-up includes Steven Schick and the Paul Dresher Ensemble.

In the world of Intellectual Property, anything that vibrates is fair game.

He also worked at the seminal 99 Records store in Greenwich Village, the birthplace of Liquid Liquid and ESG.

In 1979, while writing and charting records for the music industry publication Rockpool Newsletter, Terry coined the term "Alternative Music" to raise awareness of the US and UK post-punk groups he was reviewing.

I'm happy to say that Terry is doing well; living in Oklahoma, working on family properties and writing his autobiography, which will be great.

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