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Many singles already use Facebook to connect with friends and family, share links and photos, and keep up with groups and interests.Why not use a social networking site you already enjoy to meet someone new?The most interesting aspect of this is that the practice of changing an application's functionality and namesake is completely fair and legal according to Facebook's platform application guidelines and terms of service.

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Who is trying to block news of Speed from being distributed on Facebook?

Considering that they are now an App provider, if I were the paranoid type, I’d say this bordered on conspiracy.

My CNET colleague Jeff Sparkman tipped me off to an odd twist in the world of Facebook application acquisitions.

As of Wednesday night Speed Date.com, the purveyor of the Web video-based online dating service snatched up the rights to the Oregon Trail Facebook application, which will soon be replaced with the service's existing speed-dating application.

I pinged Speed Date.com's founder Dan Abelon about the acquisition and change, and he notes that the application his company picked up is not the more popular Oregon Trail application, which was renamed Northwest Trail after being picked up by SGN earlier this year.

So, if you’ve been keeping an eye on Facebook news you may have noticed Read Write Web’s article “Speed Dating on the Oregon Trail.” I’m the type of person who likes to keep their friends up to date on news so they don’t, say, get surprised by opening up their favorite app and seeing a speed dating service instead of the game they downloaded it for and I tried to post a note about this news.

However, Facebook is apparently censoring any mention of Speed

As you can see above any note post that contains “Speed Date.com” is automatically prevented from being posted.

A more recent example of this is Spy Mac, which in early 2007 went from an artsy Apple computer community and tools service to a Web media host in the course of a day, much to the chagrin of its long-time users.

According to that change brought in a quick spike of traffic, followed by a slow and steady drop in both visitors and page views, which are now lower than before the change.

That's right--instead of trying to cross 15-foot wide rivers and avoid dysentery, you'll be looking for love with your Webcam.

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