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Her advice for singles: "Just treat it like any other day," she says.

9 Sophisticated Singles * You and your friends are invited to PBSN's North Jersey THURSDAY ... THURSDAY Hot Hot Hot Valentine's Dance Party & Social Delicious Buffet Included *...

Learn more 7 Sophisticated Singles This is a Series of dances to be held on the First Thursday of every month.

I had almost given up hope, when I decided to attend one of your events.

It was great to meet so many people that shared my interest in looking for something more meaningful. It entails working a lot of hours, which sometimes includes weekends and some nights.

It will bring together singles from at least 4 groups (either Meet-up or PWP). Learn more 5 Sophisticated Singles 8 Meetups come together.

January or February Birthday Gift, Raffle - Sunday brunch for two, Early Bird Tickets available for a limited time.

I have always had a difficult time approaching women and asking them out on dates.

Speed dating took that part out of the equation by setting me up on 15 dates every time I would attend an event.

Mike, 38, Paramus, NJ I was a little hesitant at first but one of my girlfriends dragged me along.

I wound up having a really nice time and met a pretty cool guy that I will be seeing again tomorrow (SO EXCITED! Olivia, 31, Jersey City, NJ I usually have a hard enough time finding one person I am interested in, let alone three. Gabriella, 22, Wayne, NJ I just received your e-mail with my matches.

It's a great place for meeting new people and going on a bunch of first dates.

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