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or Denver or Philly, it’s the best – the world is filled with possibilities.

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And he RIPPED down the door and picked me up and carried me into the living room and made love to me.

The first time lasted 13 years, we lived in a ranch in Montana. Then I married an anchorman – that marriage was 3 years. I would want to write in our house, and he would want to see me, so I would lock the door to my room.

I was traveling with a male guide, but the people had to be able to see instantaneously that I was a woman.

The SINGLE BIGGEST thing people wanted to see when they saw this white woman in their village was to see immediately whether I was a woman or a man. Men and women are born with that yearning to see a woman dressed in a dress, and a man in a great suit.

Plus it’s always better to start a date a little hungry because it makes you a little crazy. I walked across New Guinea in 1988 for a ] That was one hell of a trek. It’s about wearing something that can be ripped off, something that moves. Either way, someone should be carried out on the lawn and ravaged.

ALWAYS wear a dress, or at least a skirt, for that exact reason.

But if you’re WALKING somewhere or DOING something or going on a hunt or quest, then it gets interesting.

Jean” column advise people to go out to dinner on a first date – it’s death, death, death.

Your eyes start to sparkle, which they literally never did before.

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