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” Feldman, still a virgin at that point, told him: “No, that’s not what kids do, man.” The man who abused Haim on the set of “Lucas,” now “walks around, one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist,” Feldman writes, without naming the big shot.

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The two would later have a falling out, but at the height of Feldman’s fame as a teen heartthrob he and Jackson were good buddies.

Jackson never made any sexual overtures to him, Feldman insists, but at one point, Jackson showed him pictures of diseased adult genitalia.

Feldman said the Gloved One did it to demonstrate the dangers of unprotected sex.

One day, the two sneaked off to Disneyland in disguise.

Jackson wore a fake nose, sunglasses and a giant Afro.

At a teen dance club at the amusement park, Feldman tried to lure Jackson onto the floor, telling him, “Just dance like a normal person.” Jackson merely raised an eyebrow and continued to lean casually against the wall, the book notes.

The man was Crimson, the other person present during the cocaine incident, and he was in his early 20s at this time, Feldman writes.

At 15, Feldman was moving quickly into the celebrity fast lane, doing coke with comic Sam Kinison while being fed a diet of other drugs by Crimson.

In graphic detail, Corey Feldman reveals in a new memoir the sexual abuse he and the late Corey Haim endured at the height of their high times, when they were the coolest kids in town.

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