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Travelling and looking at other surrounding villages... must be a happy, outgoing person , enjoys the company of others, Likes to use of local bars and small type of cafes, enjoys a market day even if just to look and enjoy a coffee.Travelling and looking at other surrounding villages..this is you maybe we could talk more.I guess my movie star sunglasses had come off more Stevie Wonder than Angelina Jolie. We were having so much fun that Scotsman and I decided to head out for a drink after dinner and that's when bullet #3 appeared. We stood up from the table, walked outside, and from across the grassy knoll I was struck with the magic bullet.

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The Friday night out had been fine, but we hadn't really felt that we'd become the centers of attention. None of us can piece together the night before, but we all have a handful of lucid memories.

The strategy for the second night was that I would be an American movie star who didn't talk to anyone and would wear giant sunglasses all night. Cans remembers strong arming a crowd while shielding me (a movie star) as we walk into a "club." Dee remembers coming back to the hotel without her shirt (or her dignity).

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THE MEET It's going to be hard for me to describe the actual meet, so I'll describe the events that took place around the meet and hope you understand.

I was on a tear with a group of my friends having a party weekend in Oxford UK.

Rob remembers crashing a 30th birthday party and me being photographed with the cake.

I remember asking periodically if anyone had seen my purse.

Luckily, the light bulb quickly went on and I remembered I had been wearing sunglasses all evening in Oxford.

We both had a laugh when I explained that I wasn't blind.

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