Scientific dating of the ramayana and the vedas

When these two cells were separated apart by a fine needle and kept separately in separate petri dishes, they grew more and divided and re-divided to become two salamanders. This time the prime embryo divided to produce two cells. These four cells were separated and grown separately, when four Salamanders were formed.

A similar experiment might have been done by the Rubhus.

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On hearing him the younger one went eagerly to see the state. By that time the second cell was also divided and he could see four cells.

Till then, one of the two cells had divided into two, so that he could see three cells. Therefore, he proposed to prepare four cells or animals from the original one Chamasa.(RV. These four cells were separated by a superfine and sharp instrument (RV.

The experiments were carried out on a sea animal called as Salamander.

A fertilized egg of a Salamander was taken and observed when it gave rise to two cells.

I told this finding to an Augustus audience of scientists and doctors during May 1976; when all of them laughed and said this is impossible even for today’s science then how can it be in Vedic era?

At that time the word ‘clone’ was not coined at all. K., prepared a lamb from udder of a sheep, the technique being called as ‘Cloning’. If the Indian scientists believed in the Vedic Truths they could have done this miracle, but they did not believe and did not try.

1-110-5) and grown in four separate vessels so that four animals came into existence.

Twashta wanted to produce one animal, but Rubhus produced four animals from a single zygote or a fertilized ovum.

Probably the cows then, were not giving as much milk as present days’ cows. This fact proves that Hari was a real living horse, and not a toy.

This is quite possible because female elephants, camels, deer, donkeys, sheep and mares do not give a good quantity of milk and therefore human beings cannot depend on them for milk. Considering all these facts we have to admit that the creation of a horse ‘Hari’ from another horse and creating a cow ‘Vishvaroopa’ from a skin of a cow were experiments of cloning, just like that of producing a lamb Dolly from a sheep. Therefore, Chamas means a thing, which eats and drinks to live.

This fact definitely shows that Rubhus were working on cows. Therefore, they organized cows in great numbers, which were kept safe and protected in the cowsheds. Therefore a Chamasa full of Amruta means a cell full of life.

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