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fans, brace yourself - there might not be a happily ever after in store for Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

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He is a strict vegetarian and prefers green living to other.

His shirtless pictures show his hot and exercised body that he has maintained which can be reached at through Google search. His fans admire his bold acting, hot looks and gay – ish charm which he presents on screen. They were dating for a quite long time before Macht proposed her.

For a mini biography of Macht and lists of his films with ratings can be read at

For a more personal encounter on the net, you can follow him on Twitter at @Gabriel Macht. He is not on the popular site Instagram and even Facebook.

"I mean, I'll never say never - it could be amazing and we have great writers who could create that scenario for us.

Donna's love for Harvey "waxes and wanes" and "mostly lives in her subconscious", according to Rafferty."I don't think either of them understand what kind of love they have for each other - they don't know whether it's a brother / sister thing [or something else]," she submitted.Or more specifically, when she doesn't save Harvey Specter's day.But in real life, it was Gabriel Macht - who plays Harvey - who saved the day for actress Sarah Rafferty, an old friend from drama school.This season, Mike (Patrick J Adams) finally faces the consequences of practising law without a degree - a plot point that's been ongoing since the pilot.quite yet though - now returning to round off its fifth season, Rafferty expects the show to run for two or three more years."I really enjoy playing Donna and when the day comes, when the show's done - after seven or eight seasons, I would guess - I will actually miss her... Smart, strong and fiercely loyal, barely a week goes by when she doesn't save the day.Gabriel Macht is an actor and a television producer.

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