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Strictly speaking, acronyms are words formed from the abbreviations of others, but as you'll see, many of these acronyms aren't words at all, and even some of the best known acronyms like LASER and RADAR have bent the acronym rules.

Latterly similar dark and cynical humour is evidenced in the development of acronyms and abbreviations relating to the field of customer service, especially in the contexts of IT and healthcare, for which an additional healthcare acronyms listing appears below separately, due to its richness and diversity....

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Many older acronyms provide fascinating examples of the development of language and changing cultural attitudes.

They are a fascinating reflection of the development of communications, language and social attitudes.

This is why teachers of foreign languages often seek to supplement their incomes with part-time jobs.

They answer ads regarding vacancies of translators in marriage agencies at online job portals, thinking they will be required to interpret for genuine love seekers and “help two lonely hearts to connect”.With the introduction of a mandatory second foreign language at Russian schools in 2015, even more teachers of foreign languages would be required.But salaries of government workers such as educators or medical doctors are dreadfully low.As I remember, after two months of “connecting people” the agency’s owner declared bankruptcy and no longer answered employees’ calls…” Suffice to say, translators-substitutes didn’t get paid.It’s a known fact that women greatly outnumber men in Russia (86 men for 100 women).Also, increasingly, lifestyle groupings and demographics profiles are providing fertile subject matter for acronyms - a separate listing of lifestyle and demographics acronyms appears below.

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