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A friend of Leighton's confirms the affair, adding that the pair are still in constant contact.

"She's having a texting romance with him, and is so into it.

Sources spotted Pattinson entering “Gossip Girl” stunner Leighton Meester’s New York City apartment, according to celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly. Note: For some reason the wax Robert Pattinson looks more manly than the real Robert Pattinson.

Well, considering the site has the wrong premiere date (it was June 21), let’s consider that offsetting inaccuracies!

Celebuzz was there too, and what isn’t being mentioned is that Kristen and Garrett’s On the Road producer was also hanging out with them in a group setting.

She talks with Rob almost daily.” in England and Budapest for the better part of two months.

On the third hand, somebody please pass the smelling salts, because even if it’s just a rumor, it’s a little bit too much for us to take right now. Is it possible that Rob and Leighton have been seeing each other on the sly?

Robert Pattinson has shared at least one overnight rendezvous with Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester.

Rob was recently spotted entering Leighton's New York apartment -- and he didn't leave until 11 the next morning, an insider tells In Touch.

), Leighton and Garrett were spotted this weekend hanging out together at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles.

A witness tells Celebuzz the duo grabbed breakfast by the pool, were “cutely affectionate” and looked “enamored” with one another.

We don’t want to give all the tidbits away, because it sounds like it was a nice, private moment for the Gossip Girl and her rumored beau, but one thing is for sure — Kristen definitely isn’t the woman in Garrett’s life.

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