Radajaxmanager not updating radcombobox

discussed here: is a bit trickier: Data Source3 just trying using the telerik Grid: hmm – getting string errors except when I wire up the where clause to a textbox which is not good!

now trying to wire up the delete and edit which don’t seem to work with my select filter on Linq Data Souce.

The Data context generated by the designer will live in the .

linked to another linq Data Souce not yet created now adding a Rad Combo [done]Licensing They have just turned off the Community Edition.

Trick is to copy in the design dll into the bin folder of the project otherwise VS will complain demos and code for Linq To SQL crud..

This first beta is only introducing a few controls, though, so don't expect a full toolbox right now.

Uploading to live Project is now: Test Rad Grid Telerik3…

to do a where person ID == just using the grid or even a repeater..

The first "official" release of the Rad Controls for WPF is currently targeting our big Q2 release- less than 10 weeks away!

Using a Rad Combo Box: Chosen the datasource, and Data Text field = name and Data Value Field = countryid Auto Post Back = true Put a conditional on the original linked data source.

Problem with taking this live is that Northwind is quite a large db and complex and I’ve got average hosting!

Use a RADGrid approach and Linq To SQL **next is to do the linq query.

Rad Masked Text, Rad Numeric Text, Rad Date Input ie press f then tab, and it completes.

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