Prewar gibson mastertone banjo dating

This banjo left the factory with a 40-hole archtop tonering but the archtop has been removed and is now equipped with a Hopkins/Mc Peake 20 hole conversion flathead tonering.It is [also] current fitted with a very nice replica five string neck (maker unknown to me) with the old style hearts and flowers pearl inlay on a dark rosewood fretboard. Period Weymann style planetary pancake tuners with pearl buttons.This type of piece is considered to be one of the holiest of five string grails: a prewar flathead Mastertone with both necks, a hard case – a banjo that pours forth with rich, effusive tone and volume in excess. THIS WAS ,635 BUT NOW ON SALE FOR: Our Discount Price is ,930.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is ,999.00.

This is a very nice instrument with great sound and playability.” We are almost giddy with excitement when we report to you that the label inside the rim is uncut!

Whoever installed the newer tone ring knew how to do so without bisecting the label! It has a lovely wreath-etched stretcher band, engraving on the armrest and "Granada" etched on the tailpiece.

Even better – while he had the banjo Curtis Mc Peake provided it a new white frosted Mylar® head and set the banjo up to PERFECTION!

It sounds incredible and plays like butter on a Cinnamon ferret.

Since Earl Scruggs helped to make them the most sought-after banjos in the world over 60 years ago, these instruments have amassed a cult-like following.

These particular banjos featured a completely innovative design when the Gibson Company introduced them around 1930. Mc Peake writes: “[This is] in our opinion, a Gibson Mastertone TB-3 conversion, Ser. Description: Excellent condition, dark finish maple, nickel-plated hardware, two-piece flange pot assembly; standard equipment for this model was a 40-hole archtop tone ring.Juliet, TN, for a written appraisal and evaluation. Mc Peake’s report, verbatim: “We certify that the banjo described herein is, in my opinion, a Gibson TB-Granada converted to five-string. The gold plating is in nice condition and well maintained. The resonator finish is [also] very nice and is bound on the top and back edges.It also sports the two fancy inlaid concentric rings ont eh back.I have her original harp on display and am thinking I would like to put my dad’s other banjo beside it, but I I’ll send you the prewar since I don’t want the more valuable one sitting and not being played by someone.” In order to be sure of what we were seeing (could this possibly be a prewar Gibson Granada flathead?) we sent the banjo to noted appraiser, Curtis Mc Peake, of Mt. Description: Excellent condition, brown finish, high flamed curly maple, two-piece flange, ¾” rim, gold plated and engraved hardware.Like Martin Dreadnaught and Fender Stratocaster guitars, the Gibson Mastertone Banjo has achieved an exalted status: It is appreciated far beyond its utilitarian purpose as a musical instrument, and considered a truly original American art form. This ring could have been retro-fitted by the factory but my opinion is that it was originally installed when the banjo was built.

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