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With these tools at your disposal, you can ensure that each member of your household has an Xbox One experience suited to his or her needs.Even better, unlike PS4 sub-accounts, which stay linked to a parent's account in perpetuity, Xbox One accounts can be delinked once a child is ready to fly the coop.

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Net Nanny also offers bundles with better rates for multiple devices, which it calls the Family Protection Pass.

There are three different plans with the Family Protection Pass depending on how many devices you'd like to cover with the software.

Simply click on any Net Nanny link on Next to take advantage of this limited-time offer.] Net Nanny is probably the best-known parental control software product we reviewed.

It gives parents a lot of tools to use to monitor their children's online activity, while not blocking everything online and, in turn, frustrating its child and teen users.

Five computers or devices costs $59.99/year, 10 computers or devices costs $89.99/year and 15 computers or devices costs $119.99/year.

This is the better option to go with if you need to cover more than one to two devices, as it gives you a much better deal, opposed to paying an additional .99/year for each additional device.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to remove words from Net Nanny's basic word list, but you can add words to this list.

The word list is automatically updated on Net Nanny's servers based on what it deems as the "most harmful" content online.

Its customer support team is super responsive, which made it easy to give the software a 5-star rating.

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