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Spray it on and it turns pink if there is corrosion. Do this over and over till it stays yellow, then there's no more corrosion. The terminals corrode so bad they are completely coated in white powder in just a couple of weeks.


The reason for this is that the Yagi antenna is equivalent to a number of resonant circuits tuned to different frequencies and coupled together.

The self-impedance of the parasitic elements and mutual impedance between parasitic elements and driven element cause resistance and reactance to be coupled into the driven element. The "capacitor's" sole purpose, is to oppose unwanted inductive reactance.

Also, the diameters of the tubing described here is not too critical.

When the dipole is the driven element of a Yagi parasitic array, the impedance that appears at the center of the driven element will usually be quite different from that of the isolated dipole.

The free sulfuric acid then reacts with the metal connectors. You could take batteries back and complain about leakage at posts.

Over time, this battery (one or two) will die a slow death from acid lost.

The function of air quality management is checking of emissions.

The control - technology or control measurements describes the apparatus, processes which reduces air pollution.

And, these batteries seem to hold a charge better than any battery I've ever had. Some posts are better sealed than others, but the red and green battery pads or grease/vasoline will help to seal them off.

They outlast all the batteries I've had in this boat. mark There is a leakage between battery box and terminals.

The emission reduction depends on the technology or process.

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