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After a few seconds you'll know that I will not be placated.

Reluctantly your hands will reach up under your skirt and...

A nice story showing the effects spanking has on children. "Back when I was 9 years old I developed a strong desire to be spanked. My first otk spanking came under some real humitilaing circumstances, I was stealing girls panties from clothes lines after dark, and was making it a happen to note when I would see those rubbber baby pants, Having done this with some newborn sizes and torn them trying get up my...

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Well yesterday i decided to take my dog for a walk.

I needed to wee when i set out but nothing to drastic, as i walked i started to feel a bit...

I’ve had a lifelong interest in disciplining women. Living on my aunt's farm for the summer , I got my first otk spanking at 14,my last one at 17 , just before I left the farm.

For a long time I advertised privately and met with females in a safe environment where I could conduct a therapeutic session according to her needs/requirements. While we're both very glad to see each other, we also both know what comes next. The very first one , was for getting caught ************ while peeping on my cousin Ginette while changing for her pjs at night. I was over at my friend Jamie's house (we were both 13).

I'm a straight guy, and I enjoy being spanked, turned over the knee, scolded, bare-bottomed.

It isn't something I have ever had the balls to tell anyone; but lately the desire to be spanked has gotten so strong, I decided to try finding someone who would do it. I'd been looking for a grandaddy-type to take me over his knee, bare-bottom for awhile, but it seemed that it was impossible to find. Since we are both attached to partners who don't understand our lust for...im 27 f/m never been is untill last friday night ,boy what a shock mother has always threatond a spanking but never carried through with it argued a bit i said somethings i should not have and the threat came.i was feeling smart so i dared her and said u...When I was in my early teens, I developed a secret fetish - I discovered I enjoyed being turned over a knee, bare bottomed, and spanked severely!The amount of the isotope in the object is compared to the amount of the isotope's decay products.The object's approximate age can then be figured out using the known rate of decay of the isotope.Rather than tell my husband, he said what I needed was a good old fashioned spanking across his knee.

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