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Ironically enough, Haake doesn't even top her list. You can also catch the band on tour this fall with High on Fire.

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Amazingly playable and switchable from 15 Watts to 7, this amp is as much about ‘feel’ as it is great tone, encouraging players to reacquaint themselves with the classic art of ‘riding the volume’ control.

Wherever the Gain control is set, the OR15H is always expressive, with enough range on tap for even the most demanding players.

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Complete with a valve buffered effects loop, this compact head is at equally at home in the club as it is in the studio.

, Haake recently dropped by the Loudwire Podcast with Pimentel, where they revealed that they have been dating for close to two years, but only recently have gone public with the matter.

It always warms my heart to see actors in my favorite shows turning out to be real-life metal heads.

Pimmentel is not just an observer of metal, she is also a creator, as she fronts the Brooklyn extreme metal outfit Alekhine's Gun.

Мы решили, что обеспечить высокий образовательный уровень проще, если сосредоточиться на одном языке.

И, конечно же, выбрали самый востребованный — английский.

With outstanding dynamics and classic ‘Pics Only’ styling dating back to our Graphic models of the early 1970s, the OR15H is our smallest ever ‘sleeved’ amplifier.

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